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Lighting (candles, stoves, fires)

betty lamp - shaped like antique Roman lamp; made of pewter; burned mostly whale oil; wick laid across the spout and draped down into the oil; push the wick further down into the oil for a lower flame; pull the wick out further for a higher flame

candle - sconces were called candles; had arms and prongs; within several days to a week's time, usually once a year, women created 200 to 400 candles; about the number of candles the average colonial family burned in twelve months' time. skewer-shaped piece of wood dipped in sulfur/sulphur was called a "spunk" and was used in tinderboxes or mills (as they were call in the South) to start a flame (The first practical friction match, "congreve," was made in England in 1827. You could buy a box of 84 for 25 cents.)

Franklin Stove or the New Pennsylvania Fireplace - invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1742

Dutch oven - used for baking bread; a strong, tick-walled iron/cast iron kettle standing on stout, stumpy legs, with top and long handle

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