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Gen. Marion's Epitaph

Sacred to the Memory of BRIG. GEN. FRANCIS MARION, Who departed this life, on the 27th of February, 1795,

In the Sixty-Third Year of his Age; Deeply regretted by all his fellow citizens.

HISTORY will record his worth, and rising generations embalm his memory, as one of the most distinguished Patriots and Heroes of the American Revolution; which elevated his native Country

TO HONOUR AND INDEPENDENCE, and secured to her the blessings of LIBERTY AND PEACE.

This tribute of veneration and gratitude is erected in commemoration of the noble and disinterested virtues of the CITIZEN; and the gallant exploits of the SOLDIER; Who lived without fear, and died without reproach. Taken from the marble slab at Belle Isle, this 20th September, 1821, by Theodore Gourdin.

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