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Significant Events in the Life of Francis Marion

** Battles or skirmishes Marion engaged in **

Winter 1732 Marion was born in the Low Country of South Carolina, youngest of six.

1738 (c) Family moved to Winyah Bay close to Georgetown.

1747 (c) Francis went to sea. Disaster changed his mind about a career at sea.

1750 (c) Francis Marion's father died and Francis, unmarried, managed farm.

**1756 Francis and brother, Gabriel, enlisted to fight Indians. Indian fighter to 1761

1773 Francis purchased land on the Santee, 4 miles below Eutaw Springs.

April 19, 1775 Battles at Lexington and Concord, MA

May 1775 Marion learned of the struggle in New England and went to Charleston to Enlist, Commissioned as Captain on June 21, 1775, in SC Regiment.

June 18, 1776 South Carolina Regiments incorporated into Continental Army.

**June 28, 1776 British attack Sullivan's Island from the sea. Marion commanded the guns at the fort. (Now Fort Moultrie)

--- South Carolina troops serve in SC and GA. Most action is in New England

Summer 1779 Lord Cornwallis has orders from London for the Southern Campaign.

**October 9, 1779 Attempt to retake Savannah from British. Marion was involved

January 20, 1780 Marion, now a Lt. Col., commands the 2nd SC Regt.

March 19, 1780 Marion at a party at Tradd St. Jumped out window and broke leg (ankle?) Evacuated from the besieged Charleston which fell May 12, 1780.

August 16, 1780 Camden fell, Cornwallis defeated Gates

**August 17, 1780 Marion (age 48) assumed command of the Williamsburg Militia; controlled Santee River traffic, boats destroyed

**August 24, 1780 Nelson's Ferry, Santee River, Marion attacked British Soldiers conveying prisoners.

**September 4, 1780 Blue Savannah, Marion ambushed Tories under Micah Ganey. Wemyss's Campaign of Terror. Marion at Great Swamp (Waccamaw) in NC.

**Sept 7, 1780 Kingstree - snatched Brit for interrogation

**Sept. 28-29, 1780 Marion, back in SC, attacked Col. Ball at Black Mingo.

October 7, 1780 Battle at King's Mountain.

**October 25, 1780 Marion attacked Brits at Tearcoat Swamp, Black River, during the night.

**November 7, 1780 Confrontation at Richbourg's Mill & Gen.Richardsonís Plantation/Big Home

**November 8, 1780 Jackís Creek to Ox Swamp Chase, Marion became known as the "Swamp Fox"

**Nov. 15, 1780 Marion at Whiteís Plantation & Penís Plantation

Dec. 2, 1780 Greene took command from Gates

**Dec. 5, 1780 Tory Tavern

**Dec. 12, 13, 1780 Marion at Halfway Swamp near Santee River, and Singleton's Mill.

Dec. 16, 17, 1780 Reconnoitered Camden Outposts, Santee Road Recon/Interdiction

Dec. 28, 30, 1780 The Camp near Georgetown, Chased Rangers from Williamsburg to Georgetown

January 14, 1781 Waccamaw

January 17, 1781 Battle of Cowpens, Morgan defeated Tarleton. (Marion not involved)

**January 25, 1781 Marion at Georgetown with Lee.

**January 29, 1781 Raided Moncks Corner & Congaree **March 6-28, 1781 Marion at Wiboo Swamp, Mount Hope Swamp, Lower Bridge of the Black River, Snows Island and Sampit Bridge.

**April 15-23, 1781 Marion and Lee Siege of Fort Watson, Ft. fell with Maham Tower, Santee River

**May 6, 1781 Marion and Lee at Fort Motte

May 28, 1781 Georgetown

June 6, 1781 British evacuate Georgetown.

July 8, 1781 Moncks Corner & Orangeburg

**July 17, 1781 Marion and Lee at Quinby Bridge & Shubrick's Plantation

August 4, 1781 Col. Isaac Hayne is hanged in Charleston.

**August 13, 1781 Marion ambushes Fraser and his Loyal SC Dragoons at Parker's Ferry Causeway

**Sept. 8, 1781 Battle of Eutaw Springs on Santee River

Sept. 20, 1781 Portís Ferry on Pee Dee River

October 19, 1781 Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown

Nov. 9, 1781 Marion learns of Cornwallis surrendered

Nov. 10, 1781 Celebration party at John Canteyís: "a fine party for the ladies of Santee"

February 24, 1782 Two encounters with Loyalist cavalry. Tydiman Plantation Skirmish w/foragers

August 29, 1782 Fair Lawn Skirmish, Marion encounters Fraser and is forced to retreat

December 14, 1782 British evacuated Charleston. Militia not allowed to participate and had been disbanded. Marion has returned to his home at Pond Bluff

April 20, 1786 Marion (age 53) married to Mary Esther Videau

Feb. 27, 1795 Marion died at his home at Pond Bluff, area presently under Lake Marion

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