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Ordinary Fare of Marion (anecdote told by a British officer)

A British officer was sent from the garrison at Georgetown, to negotiate a business interesting to both armies; when this was concluded and the officer about to return, General Marion said, "If it suits your convenience, sir, to remain for a short period, I shall be glad of your company to dinner." The mild and dignified simplicity of Marion's manners had already produced their effect; and to prolong so interesting an interview, the invitation was accepted. The entertainment was served up on pieces of bark, and consisted entirely of roasted potatoes, of which the general ate heartily, requesting his guest to profit by his example, repeating the old adage, "that hunger was an excellent sauce."

"But surely, general," said the officer, "this can not be your ordinary fare." "Indeed it is, sir, he replied; "and we are more fortunate on this occasion, entertaining company, than usual, to have more than our accustomed quantity." It is said that this officer, on his return to Georgetown, immediately declared his conviction, that men who could without a murmur endure the difficulties and dangers of the field, and contentedly relish such simple and scanty fare, were not to be subdued; and resigning his commission, immediately retired from the service.

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