Susan F. Craft
Historical Fiction Author
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Marion's Farewell to His Men (Comradeship of war; strange brotherhood in killing)

One of Marion's men-

Under great cedars, Marion said goodbye to his men; no formal mustering out, because we never had any formal enlistment. Marion made a little speech; thanked us for staying by him. He said for us to go home now and get back to work. Said that was what he was going to do. Though Lord only knows what he's going to work with; they left him with nothing but a patch of weeds and cinders. I had my head down. I was blinking; I was swallowing, trying not to let anybody see that I was about to bawl. But then I sneaked a look up, and every man I could see was blinking and swallowing just like me. We shook hands, turned around and coughed, and shook hands again. We had such a was over, and we were glad it was over, and yet, while it lasted, it had been the grandest thing that ever happened to us.

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