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Siege of Fort Watson (Monday to Monday, April 16-23, 1781)

Directions: I-95 Exit 102, South of Summerton. Historic US 301 north, turn west onto Fort Watson Road (S-803). Marker at the Visitors Center and the Indian Mound, site of Fort Watson, is at the end of the road.

Colonel Harry Lee and Lee's Legion from Virginia had joined General Marion and Marion's Brigade on the Black River on April 14, 1781. Marion and Lee elected to capture British, built in December 1780 and held, Fort Watson to secure the area and to get badly needed supplies. They laid siege to the fort. While waiting for a cannon to arrive Major Maham suggested building a tower and having sharpshooters pick off the Redcoats inside the fort. The tower was erected over night after collecting saplings for several days. The use of the tower by the McCottry riflemen at sunrise led to the quick surrender of Fort Watson by Lt. James McKay on the morning of April 23, 1781 and was the final Battle of Fort Watson.

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