Susan F. Craft
Historical Fiction Author
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Mount Hope Harassment (March 10-28, 1781)

Directions: South of Manning, south on SC 260, left on Kenwood Road (S-323). Large brick and metal gate on the right, south side, of the road mark John Cantey's Plantation.

Colonel Watson encamped at the Cantey Plantation on March 9th. He then attempted to join Doyle who was moving from Camden down the Pee Dee north of the Black River. At Mount Hope Swamp Watson met severe harassment from the Swamp Fox and his men. He again met stiff resistance at the Lower Bridge over the Black River and was unable to cross the river to reach Kingstree. He then camped at the Witherspoon and the Blakely plantations but was forced to head for Georgetown. He was ambushed and stopped at Ox Swamp and then made a dash for Georgetown via the Old River Road. When the British reached the Sampit River, General Marion ambushed them. Watson had suffered many casualties at every encounter and leaving his dead where they fell, he arrived at Georgetown with two wagons filled with wounded soldiers.

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