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Snow's Island

During the winter of 1780-1781, General Francis Marion established his camp 11/2 miles south of here on Snow's Island. Named for early settlers James and William Snow, the island forms the southeast corner of present Florence County and is bounded by Pee Dee River, Lynch's River, and Clark's Creek. Snow's Island was the site of a battle fought in March 1781.

Marion had utilized Port's Ferry for several months as a favored base of operations, but following the action at Halfway Swamp, he established a camp at Snow's Island. Snow's Island was actually a low ridge about five miles long and two miles wide. It was protected by the Peedee River on the east, Lynches River on the north and Clark's Creek on the south and west. Swamps and a lake to the west offered even further protection. It would become his favorite and most famous base.

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